Broadcast CXXIX-Narrative Campaign

Oct 03, 2015 No Comments by

Bill and Mike talk about their recent hobby.  Bill talks with Doug about his new set of F.A.T. Mats and the new Master’s tournament.  Finally, Bill and Mike go over their Narrative Campaign, both the game they played and the rules that they came up with. Broadcast CXXIX-Narrative Campaign

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Broadcast CXXVIII-Space Marines

Jul 10, 2015 Comments Off by

The new Space Marine codex has hit and Bill and Dawson get together to talk it over.  They start by talking about their recent time in the hobby, then go into a rematch between Dawson’s Knight Admech List he put together and a re-hash of the marine list Bill played against him for the last [...]

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Broadcast CXXVII-Imperial Knights

Jun 23, 2015 Comments Off by

(127) Dawson and Bill Discuss their time in the hobby.  The guys then go into their discussion of the new Imperial Knights book.   Broadcast CXXVII-Imperial Knights

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Broadcast CXXVI-Khorne Daemonkin

May 29, 2015 Comments Off

Dawson and Bill break down their recent time in the hobby.  Bill goes over the painting and “reading” he has been doing and dawson talks about his league wrap up and his prep for an ITC tournament.  They are then joined by Caleb to talk about the upcoming events he and the WGC will be [...]

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Broadcast CXXV-Necrons

Apr 17, 2015 Comments Off

Bill and Dawson are joined by Z, a Las Vegas local player.  They discuss what they have been working on recently.  Then they break into a discussion about Codex: Necron.  Z brings in his first hand experience of his time playing the Crons.   Support our Sponsor: KR Multicase:   Broadcast CXXV-Necrons

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