Broadcast CXXII-Blood Angels

Feb 12, 2015 Comments Off by

Dawson and Bill get together to talk about their time in the hobby.  They then discuss the new Blood Angel Codex and Dawson puts together a couple lists requested by a listener.   Broadcast CXXII-Blood Angels

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Broadcast CXXI-Dark Eldar

Jan 28, 2015 Comments Off by

Dawson and Bill talk about the Dark Eldar Codex.  They begin with their time in the hobby.  Bill has in interview with Caleb Wissenback about the LVO painting room, seminars, and the Draconic Awards (a painting competition for Pros and the less seasoned painters alike).  Then they break into the discussion about the Dark Eldar [...]

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Broadcast CXX-New Year

Jan 17, 2015 Comments Off by

Dawson and Bill get together to talk about their last year in the hobby and their plans for the new year coming up. Join us for the West Coast Podcast Alliance group record at the Las Vegas Open Saturday the 21st of February. Broadcast CXX-New Year

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Broadcast CXIX-Space Wolves

Nov 19, 2014 Comments Off

Dawson and Bill get together to discuss their recent game, Bill’s Hobby, then break into their discussion about the new 7th Edition Space Wolves book.  We appologize for the infrequent shows and thank our fans for sticking with us through these tough times.  We are hoping to get things back on track, but it may [...]

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Broadcast CXVIII-Mike Returns

Oct 15, 2014 Comments Off

Our friend Mike is back in the states and he joins Bill for this show to talk about his gaming experience in Japan and his plans for his Man Cave/Gaming room in his new house. If you downloaded this Broadcast when it was first released there was an issue with the upload, please delete it [...]

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