Broadcast CXXVII-Imperial Knights

Jun 23, 2015 No Comments by

(127) Dawson and Bill Discuss their time in the hobby.  The guys then go into their discussion of the new Imperial Knights book.   Broadcast CXXVII-Imperial Knights

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Broadcast CXXVI-Khorne Daemonkin

May 29, 2015 Comments Off by

Dawson and Bill break down their recent time in the hobby.  Bill goes over the painting and “reading” he has been doing and dawson talks about his league wrap up and his prep for an ITC tournament.  They are then joined by Caleb to talk about the upcoming events he and the WGC will be [...]

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Broadcast CXXV-Necrons

Apr 17, 2015 Comments Off by

Bill and Dawson are joined by Z, a Las Vegas local player.  They discuss what they have been working on recently.  Then they break into a discussion about Codex: Necron.  Z brings in his first hand experience of his time playing the Crons.   Support our Sponsor: KR Multicase:   Broadcast CXXV-Necrons

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Broadcast CXXIV-LVO Live Show Part 1

Mar 20, 2015 Comments Off

Bill and Dawson talk about their time in the hobby.  Then, the West Coast Podcast Alliance (IVC, ICs, and LAtCS) have their live recording from the Las Vegas Open.  This is part one, so please go to Life After the Cover Save and download part 2 off their feed.  This was a lot of fun [...]

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Broadcast CXXIII-Las Vegas Open

Mar 15, 2015 Comments Off

Dawson and Bill get together to discuss the Las Vegas Open.  We give our take on the weekend and go into our experiences.  We encourage all who can to try and attend next year.  If you are going to Adepticon check out the hobby seminars, espcially Caleb Wissenbach’s Maximizing your Hoby Score. Bill does a [...]

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