Broadcast CXII-CSM

Apr 15, 2014 No Comments by

Dawson and Bill take a look at the Chaos Space Marines (CSM) dex now that there are a few supplements out.  We start off with our week in hobby, moving into our discussion about the CSM (what is wrong with it and what we like) and about the supplements and Helbrute formations.  We look at [...]

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Broadcast CXI-Counts As

Mar 25, 2014 Comments Off by

Dawson and Bill start off as usual covering their time in the hobby.  We move into a few Blood Angel lists Dawson worked up for a listener.  Then we are joined by Josh to discuss his counts as armies.  Dawson and Bill finish up the show with continued discussions about counts as armies, why we [...]

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Broadcast CX-Target Priority

Mar 12, 2014 Comments Off by

110-Dawson and Bill are joined by Autarch Sean on this Broadcast.  We start out talking about what we have been up to in the hobby recently.  We move into a brief talk about the new Rising Leviathan Part II and Legion of the Damned rules. and the Imperial Knight pricing.  Finally, we discuss Target Priority [...]

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Broadcast CIX-Las Vegas Open

Feb 27, 2014 Comments Off

Bill and Dawson get together to discuss their recent time in the hobby, with a majority of Dawson’s time revolving around the LVO.  We talk all things LVO including getting in an interview with Reece. Broadcast CIX-Las Vegas Open

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Broadcast CVIII-Tyranids

Feb 01, 2014 Comments Off

Dawson and Bill get together to discuss their time in the hobby.  We then get into the meat of the show, our coverage of the new Tyranids codex.   Broadcast CVIII-Tyranids

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