Broadcast CXVI-Psychic Phase

Jul 24, 2014 1 Comment by

Dawson and Bill discuss their recent hobby time.  We then go into a discussion about how the new Psychic Phase works, things to think about and powers to take a close look at. We appologize for a few instances of issues with the sound, we were experiencing some issues with the equipment.  We hope to […]

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Broadcast CXV-Vassal

Jun 23, 2014 Comments Off on Broadcast CXV-Vassal by

Dawson and Bill start out with their hobbying.  We move in to a brief talk about Bill’s new KR Backpack2.  Reece Robins joins us for an interview about the Bay Area Open.  We then jump into the main topic of the show, playing 40k over Vassal.  Finally we do a very brief talk about our […]

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Broadcast CXIV-Horus Heresy

Jun 08, 2014 Comments Off on Broadcast CXIV-Horus Heresy by

We start out with our recent hobby achievements.  We then dive into the world of 30k, taking a look at the Legions that have been released so far by Forge World. Broadcast CXIV-Horus Heresy

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Broadcast CXIII-AM/IG

Apr 28, 2014 Comments Off on Broadcast CXIII-AM/IG

Dawson and Bill get together to discuss the latest Imperial Guard offerings, the Militarum Tempestus and the Astra Militarum.  Keep in mind that these are initial impressions after only a week of the book.  further thoughts will be offered as we get more experience. Broadcast CXIII-AM/IG

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Broadcast CXII-CSM

Apr 15, 2014 Comments Off on Broadcast CXII-CSM

Dawson and Bill take a look at the Chaos Space Marines (CSM) dex now that there are a few supplements out.  We start off with our week in hobby, moving into our discussion about the CSM (what is wrong with it and what we like) and about the supplements and Helbrute formations.  We look at […]

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